Vehicle Tracking

Tracking for you mobile devices

Vehicle Tracking

Base Communications work with 2 of UKs best known vehicle tracking providers to supply web-based vehicle tracking system provides visibility and control over mobile assets. Designed to be intuitive and simple-to-use, our solutions enable businesses to manage their fleet operation and deliver real benefits by driving down costs, boosting productivity and improving customer service.

Online Portal encompasses the key features of fleet management for any vehicle type in any business sector. As a result, vehicle tracking devices are suitable for car, van, coach and commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes, providing immediate operational benefits and financial returns.


  • Live, web-based vehicle tracking for access anytime, anywhere
  • Vehicle tracking using high quality mapping including satellite and street view
  • Journey trails and replays
  • Find my nearest vehicle and job dispatch tools
  • Driver behaviour monitoring as standard
  • Points of Interest, Barred Locations and Geo Fencing
  • Comprehensive reporting suite with ad hoc and automated reports
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard



  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Increase driver productivity / jobs per day
  • Improve driving behaviour
  • Eliminate unauthorised vehicle use
  • Verify timesheets and overtime claims
  • Improve customer response times
  • Reduce Co2 and environmental impact
  • Increase vehicle security
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Duty of Care and HMRC legislative compliance


With 1000s of systems deployed nationwide and our technology approved by a variety of leading insurers, our customers can have absolute confidence that Base can provide a solution to suit your business. Our innovative hardware features driver behaviour, accident buffer and advanced anti-tamper technology as standard, offering our customer the widest range of benefits in the marketplace.

We offer highly configurable, modular and scalable solutions with many additional hardware options that address a variety of challenges and meet precise business and operational requirements. This enables better-informed strategic decision making, using highly flexible reporting that is simple and easy to use, to achieve fleet efficiencies and reduce costs.

Our reports include journey, timesheet, mileage, exception, driver behaviour, fuel and utilisation to ensure the right data is delivered to the stakeholder in the most effective format at the right time.

      Beyond the fleet – Employees in the Field  

      When Vehicle Tracking stops, our mobile tracking takes over and even if employees venture indoors our (optional) Near Field Communication (NFC) solution’s check-ins take over.

      • Mobile Tracking can track user movements on foot as well as in their vehicles
      • NFC Check-ins gives you an accurate, quick, & easy to use time and attendance solution
      • Historical journey reports can be downloaded or automatically emailed on scheduled dates

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