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Stephen Halligan

Stephen has worked in the Telecoms industry for over 15 years.

Previous to Base Communications Stephen  worked at Northern Telecoms for 9 years. During this time he helped this company open off shore call centre in Cape Town, South Africa and went on to manage the call centre for 2 years with over 40 members of staff.

Stephen started Base Communications with Sharon and Eddie in August 2007 and has continued with his hard work in making Base Communications one of the markets leading companies in their field.

Sharon Morgan

Sharon has worked in the Telecoms industry for 22 years. Previous to Base Communications NW Ltd, Sharon worked at Northern Telecoms for 7 years as an accounts manager for business to business mobile and land line accounts.

After succeeding to be one of the top sales staff for 7 years, she decided to challenge herself further and opened Base Communications NW Ltd with Stephen in August 2007. Sharon has continued to work hard and with regular training courses has gained the knowledge and expertise to start Base Wholesale NW Ltd.

This company is a service provider and runs it’s own billing platform, cutting out the middle man so customers can still experience direct relationships at wholesale prices.

John Morgan

Customer account manager

John has worked with Base Communications for 7 years. Having started within the business back in 2015, John was brought on board to assist Stephen with day to day customer support and to make sure our clients are provided with the best possible service.

John is also a utilities specialist so his knowledge in the market helps our clients get the best possible solution when they are up for renewal. He has built up an excellent relationship with our clients over the last 7 years so they know they can always trust his advice when needed.

With regular training sessions, John has the knowledge and expertise to advise clients on the whole range of products and services that we offer here at Base.

Josh Russell

Sales Account Executive

Josh has worked with Base Communications NW Ltd for 5 years. Having started within the business back in 2017 as an Administrative assistant he has worked in multiple departments within the company from Accounts, billing, customer service and more.

Josh’s new role within the company will see him focusing on new businesses and sales support for clients and businesses all over the UK.

Josh works hard to ensure businesses are being provided the latest, most reliable and cost effective telecoms and utility packages on the market.

With regular training courses and keeping up with the ever changing world of Telecoms, Josh always works hard to make sure he is at the top of his game!

James Morgan

Sales and customer care

James Joined the Base Comms team 6 months ago.

He has worked with Base Comms before, part time, when he was still in school.

When he left school he worked as an apprentice for Abacus Security, and then decided to take the plunge and go travelling to Australia for 2 years.

James’s new role within Base Comms will be to bring on board new business all over the UK.

He will be working hard to find the best Telecoms and Utility packages on the market.

James is attending regular training sessions so he can learn every aspect of the business.

With his likeable personality, social skills and his positive attitude with customer support, he is already proven to be a valued member of the team.

Timely Support

Our customer service and support team are ready and available to take your call and guide you through the process of looking for a better deal.

Innovative Ideas

With our devices and services, you can be sure your business is at the high of technology with our communication solutions and services.

Advanced Technology

Where communication is at the centre of your business our advanced solutions are perfect for any company who needs to track and produce reports on usage.

Clear Communication

Our simple to understand agreements and terms will make your communication needs a breeze, call today to find out what we can do for you and your business.

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